Functional Life Skills With Store Ads



Store ads that pop up in our daily newspapers were annoying for me previously, especially when they sent a bunch of same pamphlets and they all fell down when we picked up the newspaper. If you’re like me, then its time to change. Now-a-days, I am happy when I see these ads, the more the better! Today, I want to share with you how we are using these store ads to develop functional life skills.


There are many ways to use these ads. Let’s get started then. First we started using them by cutting out the items in the ads and sorting them into what particular isle they belong to, for example – banana, tomato, etc., in the vegetables and fruits section; and so on. You can also use it as a cut and paste activity. Just divide the page in two/four parts and label them as vegetables/cereals, etc. depending on the items on sale in the ad.


Second way to use them is to help your kiddo figure out the MRP and the sale price of the items on sale and if you want it to make it more difficult, ask him/her to calculate how much you’re saving!


Third,  cut out the items separately and make a written shopping list that features these items. Start small with three or four items and gradually increase the number of items on the shopping list. Your kiddo has to read the list and find the items and add them to the cart/basket ( drawn on a paper). If your kiddo is not yet comfortable reading written lists, then use the spare images from previous ads to create a visual list. She can look at the visual list and collect the items in the cart. Adapt to suit your child’s needs. You can even ask him/her to calculate the total amount of the items from the shopping list and use fake money to transact. For instance if the total items in your list cost Rs 150/- and he has a Rs 200/- note, then he has to calculate and say that the amount he will get back is Rs 50/-




Fourth option is to compare prices of same item from different store ads. For example, every Wednesday, most supermarkets ads list the vegetables and fruits on sale. You can use it to compare the price of an item ( eg: tomatoes) in different stores.


I hope you find this post useful, as it is so easy to set up with easily available items and teaches so many functional life skills to our children. If you can think of any other way to use these store ads, please do share, I would love to hear about them.




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