Think It Or Say It?



Think it or say it: How my words affect others, is another wonderful product developed by Miss D’s Autism Homeroom and has 472 task cards to help your kiddo master this crucial skill, that can often make or break friendships. This digital resource is divided into five parts.


Part one is all about ‘think it’ and ‘say it’ thoughts and includes a social story to introduce the concept and worksheets to reflect on how I and others feel happy,mad, sad, annoyed, etc,. on hearing certain comments. Also included are cut and sort mats for think it/say it and worksheets to identify the correct thought in a given scenario.


Part two focuses on how others feel as a result of what we say and includes a social story and multiple cut and sort or colouring worksheets to learn this concept using various scenarios. Part three is about – To say something or say nothing at all and has a social story and multiple worksheets to reinforce this skill.


Part four is interactive activities and includes emotions posters, activities for how others feel and consequences & feelings. The best part of this resource are the huge collection of task cards on two topics – Think it or say it and What would you say task cards. Really loved them! Part five is a collection of reflection worksheets when he/she says a ‘think it’ thought out loud.





This digital download costs around $5 and can be purchased HERE




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