Addressing The Challenging Behaviour of Autism In The Classroom

Addressing the challenging behaviour of children with high functioning Autism/Asperger syndrome in the classroom – A guide for teachers and parents book is written by Rebecca Moyes. The author is an Autism parent and an educational consultant with years of experience. This gives the book an unique approach , where the author presents both the teacher’s side and a parent’s side and encourages them to work together to problem solve and help the child.

In the first chapter – Traditional Approaches, the author talks about the techniques such as use of aversives, restraints and behaviour modification, whose main focus is on the observable behaviour and doesn’t focus on the cause of the behaviour. She suggests another way to solve the behaviour problems -‘ A systematic approach that strongly takes into consideration the reason for why the behaviour is occurring and builds a communication bridge between parents and teachers to help prevent those behaviour problems from recurring.’ The entire process is dealt with in detail in this book.

The process begins with the use of a formal behaviour support plan that is basically a questionnaire that defines the problem behaviour, hypotheses or the reasons behind the behaviour, what skills can be taught to reduce it, antecedent strategies, strategies to use when the problem occurs and reward system. 

The remaining chapters in the book deal with each aspect in a separate chapter such as Team approach to write a behaviour plan, Forming a hypothesis – reason behind the behaviour, Antecedents, Rewards, etc.

             I liked the way the author approaches this crucial topic for all children with Autism in an inclusive setting. She encourages a dual pronged approach where the children are taught appropriate skills to handle problematic situations and the environmental supports and teaching strategies that help reduce the behaviour problems. A team effort of both parents and teachers will definitely help the child.


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