Free Resources To Educate About COVID-19 Virus



With the news about COVID -19 or Coronavirus everywhere, I was looking for resources to teach my son and came across some wonderful free resources. The image above is the adapted story developed by Mrs.D’s corner. It has two levels of information about prevention and precautions and comes with comprehension questions. You can download it HERE



Coronavirus social story is a social narrative created by Teaching Sensory explorers. It provides basic information and precautions to take. You can download this HERE


Developed by Breezy Special Ed, this is a symbol supported social narrative that explains the virus, prevention and the possibility of school closure. You can download this HERE



If you are looking for something a bit more complicated, try this graphic organizer that was created by Numbers to Neurons. You can use it as a small project with you kiddo as he/she fills in the relevant information about symptoms, prevention, treatment and much more. You can download it HERE




The last free resource is the free posters that are available in both black and white and colour. It gives basic information about washing hands, covering mouth and more. You can download it HERE


These are all free resources, please use them to educate your child and share them with others. I hope this helps!