Figurative Language Stories Freebie



Figurative Language Stories is a great way to work on developing figurative language, such as idioms, metaphors, similes, etc.,  in our children on the spectrum. This free resource is developed by Speechy Musings. Thank you for the quality freebie!



There are 17 short stories in this digital download that use figurative language.  For example in the story – The Last Straw, the title and another phrase – working like a dog are the figurative language used. This uses the RAP protocol, that is as follows:

  • Read one paragraph
  • Ask yourself what is the main idea and two important details
  • Put them into your own words.


Your kiddo has to answer the accompanying worksheets that are generic for all the stories and ask about the title of the story, main idea and details. You can also ask him/her to identify the figurative language used in the short story and its literal meaning and the figurative meaning. This helps in developing reading comprehension, writing skills and understanding the elusive figurative language.


You can download this free digital resource HERE