The Autism Language Launcher




The Autism Language Launcher – A parent’s guide to helping your child turn sounds and words into simple
conversations, is written by Kate Wilde, the author of the best selling book ‘Autistic Logistics’ . She has over
forty years experience working with children/individuals with autism using Son-Rise program is
currently the director of the program where she trains other professionals and parents/caregivers.


This book starts with a brief introduction to the Son-Rise program and its origin and how it has helped
thousands of Autistics all over the world. The book is divided in to three parts – Making speech possible,
Speech building techniques and The next language step for your child. The author stresses the fact that language can develop at any age and it is never too late to try these techniques to help our children, even those who are not verbal, verbal with few words/sentences, echolalia, etc.


In the first part, the chapters covered are basics of the Son-Rise program and include topics like – what is possible for my child, the son-rise program ABC model, creating a speech launching environment, interactive attention span and the power of what you say to your child. Let me elaborate a bit about the Son-Rise ABC model, not to confused with the ABC ( Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence) model of Behaviour analysis. In Son-Rise program, ABC model stands for Assess, Bond and Challenge. Initially,we observe the child to see and Assess ( A in ABC) whether he/she is giving us green light signals or red light signals. Green light signals are where your kiddo is interested in learning and fully involved with you. On the contrary, red light signals are when he is overwhelmed and is involved in ‘stims or self-stimulatory behaviours’ ( Called Sims in Son-Rise program) . So when you observe the child and if he is giving red light signals, its time to Bond ( B in ABC model), by joining in his stims and thereby letting him know that you’re accepting and loving him as he is and find his stims meaningful and enjoyable. If your assessment says that the kiddo is giving green light signals, then it is time to Challenge ( C in ABC) by using techniques described in this book.


In the second and third parts of this book, the author delves in depth into the techniques from Son-Rise program that can help develop language in our children. Some of the topics covered are – Invite without pushing; Listen and enjoy; Respond, respond, respond; Using the name it technique; the Son-Rise program developmental model for verbal communication; Verbal communication stages 1,2 and 3 goals.


In the past few weeks, many parents have got in touch with me requesting for more resources to help them implement Son-Rise program in their home. This book review is for them and for other parents and caregivers who are willing to patiently and lovingly spend time bonding and helping their child progress along the spectrum. You can purchase this book on Amazon India