HangArt : A Literacy App



HangArt is an amazing  literacy app developed by the Literary Safari Inc. We fell in love with this app! This app uses the classic hangman game of guessing the word and makes it many times more interesting by adding art and wonderful animations. Created by educators, this early education app makes learning nearly 200 sight words, so much fun that the kids won’t even realize they are learning!


There are three games in this app. The first and our most favourite one is – Play Hangman. Here we have a cute hangman hanging from a monkey bar. If you fail to guess the word, he falls down and if your kiddo succeeds in getting the word correct, he/she is rewarded with the word and gets to trace it. Each successful guess of the alphabets of the words, adds more art that depicts the words, making it a very interesting guessing game that sharpens our thinking skills. There is also a feature that asks the kid to evaluate how hard was the word for him/her?, thus developing self-evaluation skills. If you want to make this a little easier for your kiddo, go to the settings and enable first letter and or last letter option, it will make it much easier to find the word.




The second game is Word gallery. Here all the words that your kiddo guessed correctly are found and he/she can use the custom drawing tools to make their own illustration of the words. This definitely gets their creative juices flowing.


The third game is Story studio, wherein, your kiddo can use the words to create their own stories, record it and save it. Developing the all essential story telling skills in an awesome way. I hope you find this app as interesting and fun and as we do.


Check out this small video demo to get an idea:



The app costs $1.99 and is available on the Apple app store HERE