In Two Worlds


In two worlds book is written by Ido Kedar, a non-speaking autistic author whose earlier book – Ido in Autismland, was an eye opening autobiography that shattered many myths surrounding Autism. This book is a work of fiction, where the lead character, Anthony is a non speaking autistic boy. A wonderfully written book that elaborates the points of view of all the people in the book and illuminates the inner world of Anthony brilliantly.  Anyone who still believes our kids lack the theory of mind and equals low functioning autism to lack of intelligence, read this book!


         The book introduces us to the life of Anthony, a seven year old boy on the Autism spectrum, who cannot speak but has a rich inner life and intelligence. He is trapped between the two worlds – Autismland, where he stims and leads a sensory rich life and a neurotypical world, where he is considered incapable of learning and communicating. His family consists of his parents, who are strong advocates of ABA, his older brother who is understanding and believes in Anthony’s potential and an younger brother, who is often jealous of all the attention Anthony gets. Anthony spends most of his time in studying the same things, which are way below his level of intelligence until he learns to communicate using Rapid Prompting Method (RPM). His world undergoes a drastic change after this as his family and school realize the potential of his intelligent mind. He is slowly mainstreamed and his confidence shoots up as he learns to navigate the neurotypical world.


 Though this book is a work of fiction, it is very true to life and more enlightening than most books written on Autism. The author sums up beautifully  non verbal autism as follows :


“ I have a neurological condition that has impacted my life since birth. My intellect functions pretty well. My brain tries to talk to my body but my body has trouble receiving the message. It sometimes gets it; often it doesn’t. Or my body may disobey me altogether and move as it alone wishes. One awful feature is that many people assume that I can’t understand language.”


  If you are an Autism parent or a caregiver or a therapist or teacher working with autistic individuals, don’t miss reading this book. Thanks a ton Ido for writing this book. You can purchase this book on Amazon India