Read Between The Lines!



Read Between The Lines! – learning Idioms by themes is an excellent book written by Mary Conger and is published by Super Duper Publications. There are a total of 198 idioms that are covered in this book and they are divided by themes as follows:

  • School
  • Animals
  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Head and face
  • Arms and legs
  • Numbers
  • Colours
  • Sports and
  • Money


The unique way idioms are covered in this book is something I like a lot. Each idiom is taught in a conversational approach along with a illustration. There is a short conversation between people that provides the context of the usage of the idiom. Not only this, each idiom is practiced at two levels. In the first one, there is a short conversation followed by a multiple choice question asking the kiddo to choose the meaning of the idiom used. In the next level, there is different short conversation for the same idiom, but there your kiddo has to understand the essence of the conversation and answer the question in his own words.




At the end of each theme of idioms, there are two levels of activity worksheets for further practice. In the first one, there are nine sentences and your kiddo has to find the correct idiom that goes with the sentence from the options given. In the second worksheet, he/she has to use the idioms to frame a sentence of their own, thus providing ample practice.


Idioms are the figurative language that are very often used in everyday speech and often are very confusing for our children. This resource will help demystify this elusive world of idioms and make it a piece of cake!


You can access it for free till Aug 15th 2020 in the Super Duper Digital library HERE