The Processing Program



The Processing Program is an immensely popular book used by speech therapists. There are two books in this program – Level 1 and Level 2&3. Developed by Super Duper Publications, this program helps in the development of auditory processing, learning language concepts and following increasingly complex directions by using picture tasks that are beautifully illustrated. This book introduces the concept of Altered Auditory Input technique, that encourages the teacher/parent/therapist to increase positive outcome by modifying the speed of your speech, pauses in your speech and prosody and by using language webs.


In the level 1 book, there are 32 sub levels, that target 46 basic concepts and vocabulary words from the categories of sizes, colours, singular and plural nouns, prepositions, pronouns, quantities and conjunctions. This is fully illustrated with over 160 picture pages/plates.




The Processing Program – Level 2 & 3, builds on the previous book by delving deeper into language webs. It helps improve language processing skills by using a set of picture identification tasks that gradually increase in complexity. Level 2 targets 101 advanced concepts and Level 3 builds on these concepts and also introduces 17 additional concepts for your child to process and learn.


The best thing about these books is the incremental step wise levels that help us to gradually increase the challenge without overwhelming the child. It is so easy to implement, you can easily do it at home with your kiddo. You can access it for free from Super Super digital library till Aug 15th 2020

I couldn’t find any images to share so as to give you a better picture of the sub levels in this program. But I found something better – a video demo of this program. Take a look: