Webber Inferencing Big Decks




Webber Inferencing Big Decks from the house of Super Duper Publications is a go to resource for many therapists worldwide. For many children on the Autism spectrum, inferencing is a tough skill to master. But this is one of the foundation skills needed for developing social thinking. Looking at a picture and understanding what is happening, where is it happening and how the person feels as well as been able to predict what happens next are the crucial skills that are taught using these large photos/pictures. Each deck comes with 100 photos and each one in turn has a few sentences of description and six corresponding questions.





The topics covered in Webber Inferencing Big Deck 1 are :


Identify the setting

Part to whole

Predicting and

What happened.






Webber Inferencing Big Deck 2 is next level of inferencing cards. Same as the previous level, this comes with 100 unique colour photos and a short description and six questions for each of them. The topics covered in this are:



Jobs and occupations

Time and seasons

Actions and

Cause & Effect





A perfect resource for our children to develop the all essential skills of inferencing. I hope you  like it as much as we do. You can access it for free till Aug 15th 2020 HERE