AKC Math Agility App



AKC Math agility app is  developed by Little 10 robot,an award winning app developer in collaboration with the American Kennel Club. If your kiddo loves cute animated games and dogs, then this a perfect app to tap into his love and develop some math skills at the same time.


First your kiddo has to choose a dog breed, there are 15 options in the beginning and a chance to win 60 more as he/she crosses the various levels. Then choose the operation – addition, subtraction, multiplication or division and you are all set.






There are various agility equipment such as ramps, tunnels, hurdles and more. Once the game starts, every correct answer will help your dog to cross the hurdle and get to finish the game. There are 60 such agility courses to complete and your kiddo will develop rapid calculation skills trying to help his dog win the game. It is super fun and educational.


Check out the demo:



The app costs $2.99 on the Apple App store HERE and is also available on the Google Play Store HERE