Miffy Educational Games



Miffy educational games app developed by Edujoy entertainment is the favourite app for my son. The sheer variety of games available in this app and the educational skills they help develop are really great. There are a total of 28 educational games divided into seven categories :

  1. Memory games
  2. Visual games
  3. Shapes and forms
  4. Puzzles and mazes
  5. Music and sounds
  6. Numbers and
  7. Drawing







These games will help develop  number skills, intelligence, problem solving skills, sorting skills, colours and shapes, drawing skills, fine motor skills, but the icing on the cake is the Visual spatial skills. There are some amazing games – like matching objects to their outlines, matching halves, finding the differences between two pictures, scanning and finding images from a scenario, etc. They are very good and unique games. I couldn’t find their images, but this video gives a glimpse. Take a look:






This app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple app store.