No-Glamour Problem Solving Cards




No-Glamour Problem solving cards from the house of Linguisystems is one most useful resources we used. Teaching our children on the spectrum to analyze a situation and use their problem solving skills is the most important skill we can teach them, and this resource will guide you in this process. With repeated practice using 200 cards, this one will teach and reinforce this essential skill.


            Using these cards can help your kiddo to gather essential details in a given scenario or situation, identify the problem, analyze the solutions to solve the problem as well as choose the best possible solution and predict the outcome of solving the problem using that solution. 


      The cards are available in three levels :

Level 1 – Simple problems are covered in this level. The card depicts a scenario with an obvious problem and is ideal to get your kiddo started.


Level 2 –  Cards in this level depict a bit more complex situations that require your kiddo to sharpen his perspective taking skills and inference skills. They also learn to predict the outcomes of a situation.


Level 3 – Cards in this level have a short narrative describing the scenario in the picture. The problems are not clearly indicated and your kiddo has to use his analytical skills to find out the problem, devise a solution and workout the outcomes so that he/she can see that not every solution gives the best possible outcome.




Each card has a picture ( and text in the level 3 cards) and at the back are questions to help him/her learn to analyze the situation and problem solve. Answers to the questions are also given to guide them.


All in all a wonderful resource. Visit this website to purchase :

Don’t forget to check out the sample cards when you visit this website!