Size Of The Problem Activities




Size of the problem digital download is a gem of a product created by one of my favourite seller/teacher – Miss D’s Autism Homeroom. This is a huge resource that teaches our kids something they struggle to handle in their daily life, i.e., thinking about the size of the problem and finding an appropriate response. This resource will help your kiddo master this crucial skill in a step wise manner and also provide hundreds of scenarios to hone this skills with repeated practice.



This resource also comes with interactive Google slides and interactive pdfs. Now let’s take a look at some of the activities included in this:

  • Identify the size of the problem and decide whether the response is appropriate or not. Does the reaction match the problem and whether it will help solve the problem.
  • Strategy cards that include many options to respond correctly in a problem situation and reflection worksheets, wherein the child will ponder and understand how choosing a response can influence the outcome of a situation.
  • Two different levels of problem solving responses – small/medium/big and Tiny/small/medium/big/huge
  • Interactive activity boards with drag and drop activities
  • Tons of worksheets
  • Teaching the importance of plan B as kids learn that a particular response to a situation may not always work out and hence think of alternative ways to solve a problem
  • Option to personalize problem solving cards/worksheets and strategy cards to suit your kiddo.


I am sure you are as impressed as I am with this amazing resource. You can purchase this for $5 HERE